Who is John Sterlin?


Oh come on!  No one likes to toot their own horn!  I REALLY don’t like to toot mine!  Suffice to say, I am one of those people who always have ten things going at once.  I own a few businesses and I help with several others.  I tend to be creative and entrepreneurial and I LOVE the creative process.  Helping others to realize their dreams has always been very important to me.


I’ve got some miles on me.  Go ahead, kick my tires!  Many years ago I was responsible for the user interface design of some big banking software, many years before that I worked on a ranch... but that’s going back too far.  So after the banking tech job back in 1999, I cashed out every penny of my retirement and opened my first business, Romanza Gifts.  In our 16 years in business, we survived earthquakes, riots, George Bush, 9-11, and the worst financial climate since the Great Depression.  Although I have since closed that business, it’s a testament to how insane... I mean how willing, I am to put my head to the grind-stone knuckle-down and work hard.

Visit Washington’s Wine Country!


Hey, check out our Guest House!

Next time you are looking for a wonderful vacation, think about Walla Walla. Walla Walla has much to offer and some of the best wines you can find anywhere.


Get the info at this website I created www.juniperguesthouse.com

Hire one of Seattle’s top DJ’s!


Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a little biased since this is my husband Vince Harris.  Disco Vinnie has been spinning the hits in Seattle for a decade. Voted Seattle’s top independant Wedding DJ (he ranked in the top 3 when included with DJ services) there is no better DJ for your wedding, birthday, event.  DJ services is just the tip of the iceberg when considering his talents.  Disco Vinnie is also an actor, dancer, MC, and much more.  Visit his webiste (created by me) for more details!  www.discovinnie.com

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