Small Venue Lighting


If you have ever tried to stage a production in a small venue, then you know the changelles of ligthing.  Most small venues don’t have the luxury of racks and racks of lights and a lighting booth with control boards and the professionals to run them.  I’ve come up with the perfect solution for most small venue situations.  A combination of the right lights (pictured left), the right control software, and tons and tons of pre-programed scenes for just about every imaginable lighting & effects situation all triggered from an Ipad wirelessly from any location during the event or show.


This set-up travels!  At a very reasonable price I can light your next event or production.  Just need a followspot operator?  I’ve got you covered there too.  I have years of experiance and I’m very affordable!

The pictures above are from the hit show Mimosas With Mama at the Unicorn bar/restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The entire show is lit with only ten lights yet it’s production quality helped earn the Mimosas With Mama team the #1 Theater Group in the Pacific Northwest.  The show is controlled at the follow-spot pictured in the center of the photo.  Note the glow of the iPad just below the follow-spot.

Props too!


Here is a photo of a six-foot hairspary can that I created for a production of Hairspray!

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